Coaching Resources

Below are some useful coaching resources to help squash coaches deliver world-class experiences that we know your players will love. There is also some useful information to help parents and administrators find the right coach.

Coaching Resources Small Nix Manual - web

Kiwi Squash Small Nix Manual

86 pages outlining 8 session plans for 5-8 year olds.

Coaching Resources Big Nix Manual - web

Kiwi Squash Big Nix Manual

58 pages outlining 8 session plans for 9-12 year olds.

Coaching Resources Small Nix DVD - web

Kiwi Squash DVD

Demonstrates all activities included in each Kiwi Squash session plan.

Coaching Resources SquashStart Manual - web

SquashStart Manual

65 page manual outlining 8 session plans for beginners.

Coaching Resources SquashStart DVD - web

SquashStart DVD

Demonstrates all activities included in each SquashStart session plan.

Coaching Resources SquashStart Posters - web

SquashStart Skills Posters

Displays the different parts of the swing in 6 different shots.

Coaching Resources SquashFit Resources - web

SquashFit Resources

50 pre-packaged self-explanatory exercise cards (20 skill and 30 fitness) and video tutorials to help you effectively train.

Coaching Resources Technique Videos - web

Technique Videos

Illustrates the key movements for 16 different shots.

The Basics of Squash Poster

The Basics of Squash Poster

Displays 8 of the basic rules to help others get started.
Coaching Resources Getting Started Poster - web

Getting Started Poster

An introduction to squash poster from the World Squash Federation.

Coaching Resources Coach Recruitment Guide - web

Coach Recruitment Guide

Tips to help you find and keep superstar coaches.

Coaching Resources Mentoring Guide - web

Mentoring Guide

Advice on how you can provide other coaches with personal support from Sport New Zealand.

Squash Skills


An online library of squash activities, games and drills.

Coaching Resources Coaching Apps - web

Coaching Apps

A list of useful applications that will save you time on and off the court.

National curriculum materials - 'Module Packs'

Every time a coach attends a coach development module, they receive a special module pack. Each pack contains useful information in a user-friendly booklet (sometimes with accompanying DVD) so that you can provide quality experiences for your players. Find out more

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