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Unlocking Millennials

Born between the 1980s and 2000s, Generation Y are the demographic cohort following Generation X. They represent the largest share of the population on earth – 30% more than the Baby Boomers – and will be your squash club’s main target group in the coming years. 

Gen Y

Currently 23% of all registered club members occupy this space. Understanding Generation Y (16-36 years olds) will explain why group-orientated programmes and activities will be your club's key offerings in the near future. Click here (PDF) for more information about the profile of squash players throughout the country.

Millennials prefer to play games in groups. Group squash programmes not only offer the desired social aspects but also encourage feedback and a healthy competitive feeling. It is important to note that programmes differ from events in that these are not about winning but striving to achieve personal mastery. In other words, Millennials thrive in a team effort to achieve their individual goals.

What does this mean for Millennials?

  • They want fun activities – the main reasons for a purchase decision.
  • They want authentic experiences – no fluffy stuff.
  • They are easily bored and crave change – they want lots of activity options.
  • They seek continuous availability – they live in the now.
  • They are technology savvy – they love interacting online.
  • They want to test before they buy so they experience it – they will buy online.
  • They expect quality for their money – they want a player-centred experience (it's all about them).
  • They hate long contract periods – they want short life cycles and affordable fees.

How can our club cater towards this?

  • In the weeks leading up to the launch of your club programmes we recommend you provide some ‘free taster’ sessions.
  • Use branding to promote your offers. Use posters and online tools – these were created specifically for the Millennials.
  • Use social media to allow them to voice their opinions. Keep the messages social, meaningful and authentic.
  • Provide flexible deals (special offers) for them to bring their friends.
  • Use spaces within your club facilities where they can spend time together after playing – the restaurant and bar are always popular!
  • Set up a feedback system so they can say what they think and can be taken seriously – again use online and social media tools for this.
  • Talk to them and build relationships so you can find out what they think.

Generation Y are from an age of information technology and are accustomed to music, lights, colours and actions to be stimulated. Does your club offer quality customer service, visual appeal and special deals for this trend-orientated generation?

For more information about programmes and how to implement click here.

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