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Using Technology to Help Coach (Part IV)

Coaching is considered a fine art of knowing your athletes (connecting with them) and applying years of proven knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals in sport (empowering and inspiring them). While this is the key to succeeding, there are now many more resources available to help you.

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Technology now plays a huge part in society. Nearly everybody has a smartphone and computer and these can be used to positively improve coach development. Much of this technology is available: heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices, video cameras and match analysis software – the list goes on.

So what does this mean as a club coach?

It is extremely likely that your younger players (especially Generation X’s and Z’s) are online so get on board with them! Integrating technology into your coaching needn’t be a hassle. If you are technology-savvy you will certainly pick up the tricks on how to use the device in no time. If not, taking the time to learn how this works can benefit not only you as a coach, but your players as well and will save you big time in the long-term. The best starting point is to talk to other coaches and find out from them what they use.

You’ll soon find some of the many benefits will include:

  • Instant feedback and communication (connections) with players – sending text messages, emails, posting videos, etc.
  • Endless professional development opportunities – reading articles, sharing information, etc.
  • Better promotional strategies – using websites and social media to motivate, etc.
  • More efficient administration – recording attendance, managing bookings, etc.
  • Improved measurement of athlete progress – match and skill analysis, etc.
  • Different teaching method – online interaction, video footage of drills, etc.

If used properly, technology can enhance the athlete experience and is a valuable motivational instrument. All of which provide unlimited opportunities to grow, better understand and learn as a coach.

For a list of apps we recommend click here

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