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Learning to coach

Just like learning to serve, drive, volley and boast; learning to coach is also a skill that needs practice and feedback. This happens in many ways - from the formal (coach development framework modules) to the informal (shadowing and mentoring).

Coaches learn by being curious, reading lots, observing other coaches in action, taking part in ‘doing’ workshops and being brave to ask questions. Recent international research has looked at how coaches prefer to learn. The interesting things to note from the findings are that discussion, observation and learning ‘how to coach’ were considered the most useful things.

Acquiring coaching knowledge

What does this mean for me as a coach?

  • Attend coach learning modules and workshops to up skill yourself in specific areas.
  • Contact other coaches to discuss what is working and what is not working.
  • Listen to another coach, observe another coach in action or have a coach observe you coaching.
  • Ask for feedback from your players, parents or other coaches on how your sessions were.
  • Take time to think about what you did and what happened, and decide from that would you will do differently next time.

Learn more about the coaching journey for squash here

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