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The best time of day to play squash

Is it better to hit the courts early, or should you wait until after the working day is done?

A number of studies have tried to uncover the ideal time to get active and there is no evidence to show that it is better to play squash at morning, midday or evening. The most important thing is that you play regularly. By scheduling matches at times that work best for you, you're more likely to enjoy it. When you enjoy playing squash, you're more likely to keep coming back and that's where good habits are created. 


The benefit of playing at the crack of dawn is that you can tick off your activity requirements for the day before any distractions can stop you. The secret to doing this is to wake feeling ready to go which means a good bedtime routine is important. Turn off your device and give your body the rest it needs. This will make getting up so much easier. If you struggle to peel yourself out of bed, playing squash later in the day is probably better for you. Some even pop out during lunch time for a quick hit. 

Regardless of when you do it, you'll notice you feel more energetic, invigorated and your production levels will increase. If you've eaten wisely and had plenty of water then you're in an even better position to maximise your game. 

Everyone is different. Identify the time of day that is best for you. Try playing at different times so you feel what it is like. This will shock your body and will ultimately make you more successful.

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