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It only takes 30 minutes

People these days are getting busier and busier. We work more hours than we did 20 years ago and as we become busier we struggle to make time to play squash. Because we aren’t as active, we eat ‘fast food’ and we get bigger. In most families both parents now work and don’t have time to take their kids to play squash. So kids also eat ‘fast food’, play computer games and get bigger too.


Obesity is predicted to be the number one health problem of this century. It is growing at epidemic proportions and isn’t predicted to peak until the next decade. At the other end is a growing group who know we have to do something about this. The number of people joining fitness clubs is booming. Partially driven by people’s time constraints, going to the gym is becoming the biggest ‘sport’ in the Western world.

In the 1980s squash was massive – everyone was doing it. It gave people the fitness benefits they were after and the facilities were a place to go to receive the social camaraderie everyone desires. It made people healthy and happy. Nowadays there are a host of other sports and activities fighting for our attention. For us in the world of squash, our challenge is to continue offering fun quality programmes that motivates people of all ages and abilities to play and get the fitness and health results they crave.

Rather than thinking about all the costs, time and effort required to play squash, try looking at all the benefits it gives you – in only 30 minutes! Why do you play squash?

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