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4 tips to being a better coach

Whether coaching is your full time role, or a passion on the side, staying committed to ongoing development and keeping informed of the latest research, techniques and advancements will go a long way to help you deliver world class experiences to your athletes. Below are some easy ways you can improve yourself as a squash coach.

Coach 4 Tips

Keep developing your skills

Don’t get left behind - we all need to evolve with our athletes. After all knowledge is power. Our squash coach development framework offers ongoing learning opportunities - from the initial online modules, to modules on how to engage with players on the athlete pathway and advanced extension modules in specialised areas. Whatever your coaching journey, there are plenty of development opportunities which will widen your scope and knowledge.

Be open to feedback

Get comfortable with feedback, it is part of the coaching culture. Constructive feedback is your friend, not your enemy. As part of the Squash Coaches Network we learn from each other and share with one another. We cheer each other on, we lift each other up and we celebrate success together. Demand peer review.

Why is feedback effective? Being open to peer feedback will allow you to gain insight in to areas that you personally may have not yet identified as requiring attention. If we keep the feedback momentum happening the level of delivery sky rockets. This means more motivated and inspired members via well delivered and educational squash experiences.

Film yourself

Self videoing, even once a year, will help you identify any bad habits and unsafe / ineffective technique or coaching that may have crept in. This is one of the most valuable and easily accessible tools you can use – especially since nearly everyone has access to a camera on their phone. Once you see yourself do something incorrect on film, you will are pretty likely to change it straight away. Become your own harshest critic.

Be there for your athletes

Coach with your athletes as your focus. Know who they are, take a genuine interest in their goals, their reasons for being there and their needs. Build rapport, be human, be real, be you. Your athletes trust you know what you’re doing and have invested in you so always respect them and be available for them to discuss anything.

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