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Pair or Team Coaching

Coaches are responsible for the environment and promoting positive change in their athletes. Our role is to deliver, safe and effective coaching to help our athletes experience success. In most cases there is one coach who is responsible for everything. But in other cases there can be two, three or more coaches involved within each activity or session - which means each person shares the workload. The following gives a basic guide to help those coaching in a team to operate more effectively.

Team Coaching

Team coaching or coaching in pairs is not a competition between coaches or a ‘good coach / bad coach situation’ - it’s a team effort. Having more than one coach gives you the opportunity to spend more time with each athlete. In this situation the coaches must work as a team, everyone should be able to talk, all coaches should make corrections, assistants should be challenging the thinking of the leader at every opportunity (not in front of the players) but in prior discussion and as the session evolves there can be a seamless swap of roles at any stage.   

Provided all coaches are open to it, coaching as a pair or group shows a commitment to growth and a willingness to improve. Exposing your own coaching style, behaviour and experience to your peers gives you the opportunity to receive feedback, which can lead to change and make you a better coach.

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