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How to set young people up for a lifetime of health and happiness

Young eyes are regularly glued to screens and as a result obesity is on the rise and fitness levels are diminishing in young people. Is Kiwi Squash the saviour?

As the world’s healthiest sport and with an estimated 80,000 kiwis currently playing squash in New Zealand, there is no doubt that squash is the perfect way to shape our young people’s futures. However, squash is not for everyone - especially if a young person have a bad first experience. This means they then develop the belief that they are no good at it and don’t have the confidence to continue - which can lead to a lifetime of inactivity.


Even if a Small Nix or Big Nix player falls in love with the game instantly, there is a chance it may not last forever. Plenty of research shows that as young people get older they are more likely to drop out of sport because it is no longer fun. In many cases this comes from an environment where winning is the only focus – and enjoyment is no longer the top priority. This is not helped by the demanding training sessions, expected match results and associated costs which forces many young athletes to ‘specialise’ early and dedicate their efforts solely to one sport. As a result these young athletes aren’t getting the opportunity to try different activities and don’t get the opportunity to master the full range of movements required for long-term athletic development. Specialising in a sport before the age of 14-16 has been shown to actually increase the risk for overuse injuries and burnout.


Giving young people a chance at enjoying a lifetime of squash comes down to providing opportunities to get them moving in a safe and fun environment. If they enjoy learning the basic skills and movement patterns, they gain the confidence and coordination to be able to continue. Kiwi Squash is designed to help young people fall in love with squash. Sessions feature a range of games which develop age-appropriate skills and movements - while introducing them to the game we love. As a result, young people develop the coordination, agility, fitness and confidence required to continue playing squash. They also have a greater likelihood of achieving long-term athletic development - plus they learn to work with others and gain all the other important life skills to help them succeed.

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