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Take charge of your learning coaches

Yes the Coach Learning Modules are practical. No, they are not full of theory and lots of paperwork. There’s no need for you to know everything about the game. In fact, you just need to be keen to learn more. Here’s all you need to know.

Take charge learning

What do I bring?

When you come to a Coach Learning Module, bring your normal squash attire, something warm, a pen, some water and get ready to engage with the other coaches attending the workshop. You’ll soon be hooked on the benefits of learning.

What will we cover?

In a 2-3 hour module there are a range of squash activities. The workshop usually starts off with a group discussion about the module topic. Not only with this get you thinking about what is about to come, but you will engage with the other coaches and find out what you already know so that you can start to build on this foundation.

Next your facilitator will demonstrate some activities that you can use in your own coaching sessions. These typically cover movement, tactical awareness and racket skills. Afterwards you get the chance to micro-coach in small groups and get feedback from each other.

Then you’ll wrap up your Coach Learning Module experience by recapping the key points from the session and looking at where to from here. This gives you plenty of time to let all the new knowledge and skills soak in – and ensure you walk away from the module feeling ready to jump on court and help support your athletes to the next level.

Now what?

From here your challenge is to try some of these practices in your own coaching. Go and listen to another coach, observe another coach in action, or have a coach observe you coaching. Keep learning and seeking feedback on your own coaching.

If you’re ready to upskill yourself, find a module here.

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