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Is the future of squash here?

The latest innovation in the world of squash is set to revolutionise the game and allow you to play in another world.

The next level in squash has arrived in the form of interactive squash. Chances are, when you finish your game and step out from the courts, you’ll under-estimate how hard you have just played. The combination of an interactive audio-visual experience and fun squash programmes mean your mind will be as engaged as your body and you won’t have noticed how much energy you have expended.

The new concept is a combination of sound, video and exercise that wraps around your senses – turning standard squash courts into something else. Visual content is projected onto cinema-sized screens (the front wall of the court) and the content synchronises with sound and squash activities. This experience allows you to assess and coach speed, accuracy, technique and conditioning with instant feedback and analysis.

The benefit of training in an immersive and interactive environment is the heightened sense of anticipation and reward. Athletes get such a sensation they often stop thinking about the duration of the match and push themselves further.

Find out more about the unique properties of interactive squash and why a whole new audience are sure to be keen to jump on a court and try it for themselves.

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