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You can help young people fall in love with squash

If you like the idea of inspiring future generations to pick up a racket, stop hesitating and sign up for the junior coach development modules.

Over the past 12 months Squash Central’s trained CoachForce Officer Sally Stantiall has been travelling around the District to upskill club coaches in the modules that they request, arming them with a toolkit of skills needed to help people deliver quality experiences. The majority of these have focused on working with juniors and using the popular Kiwi Squash programme.

Central Kiwi Squash

As a Kiwi Squash coach you get to inspire young people and set them up for a lifetime of good health. During the 2-3 hour coach module workshops coaches learn how to connect with primary and intermediate aged children. They're also taught a range of activities and squash games to develop fundamental movement skills, basic technique and fitness.

Most adults play squash because they want a certain result – whether this is to improve their fitness, achieve performance goals or for social reasons. Young people play because they want to move and have fun with their friends.

Sally says the junior coaching modules are different to the other modules.

“Rather than focusing on squash drills and routines, the school Kiwi Squash (5), Small Nix (2 and 2a) and Big Nix (3 and 3a) coaching modules look at the skills needed to play squash but uses fun games and activities to coach these."

Central Kiwi Squash 2

Kiwi Squash coaches are leaders who proactively drive participation with the programme in clubs and schools. According to Sally coaches need to bring two things to these modules. First, they need a strong intrinsic motivation to coach young people. Second they need to come ready to learn. 

Check out the Kiwi Squash programme if you think you've got what it takes.

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