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Kitchen Shows Skills in Masters Title Win Resized NZ Masters 2016 Womens 35 Winner Shelley Kitchen 1

Pictured Right - Womens 35+ Winner Shelley Kitchen

Star attraction Shelley Kitchen was in fine form on finals day at the National Masters Champs. The former world top-10 player used her athleticism and racket skills to dominate Joanna Shanks in the women’s 35 grade yesterday. Shanks never stopped trying and hit some classy winners during the second set but Kitchen showed the benefits of being a relatively recent touring professional to prevail 15-5, 15-8, 15-5.

Dave Gardiner (Queenstown) was the toast of Otago squash after picking up the men’s 40 title. In doing so, he emulated his father, Barry, who has won several national masters titles and is still playing at 78.

Otago’s other main hope was Shaun Madden (Cromwell), top seed in the men’s 35 and a two-time winner in this age-group as a Southland player. However, he was comfortably beaten by Sam Atkins (Wellington) who has just joined the masters’ ranks and was more match hardened than Madden.

Scott Gardiner (Canterbury) was a popular winner of the men’s 45 title. He spent a decade in Dunedin during the 1990s and has previously dominated the lower age-groups and been a regular national masters rep.

The closest final was in the men’s 65 bracket. Trevor Colyer, who is now living in Riverton, took the first two sets against Hongi Laing and was controlling the match with some deft skills. The mobile Laing then won the next two sets before Colyer won the deciding fifth set 15-10. Colyer was a New Zealand representative during the 1970s and, like Barry Gardiner, has won a world masters title.

Photos from the Sunday prizegiving can be found here

Final placings can be found below


Pictured Below - Mens 35+ Winner Sam Atkins

Resized NZ Masters 2016 Mens 35 Winner Sam Atkins

75+ Mens: Champion – Barry Gardiner.

70+ Mens: Champion – Graeme Richardson (AKL).

65+ Mens: Champion - Trevor Colyer (STH), RUP – Hongi Laing (NTH) Plate – Graeme Richardson (AKL), Consolation – Barry Highet (CANT).

60+ Mens: Champion – Wayne Seebeck (CANT), RUP – Rob Clay (WLG), 3rd – Lawrence Skurr (CANT), 4th – Bernie Dawson (BOP), RR Winner – Malcolm Vaile (WAIK), RR RUP: Ross Wells (WLG).

55+ Mens: Champion – Mark Waldin (AKL), RUP – Roger Garrett (AKL), Special Plate – Alby King (OTG), Plate – Richard Stephenson (CANT), Consolation – Richard Grayling (WAIK).

50+ Mens: Champion – Grant Craig (CANT), RUP – Gary Duberly (AKL), Special Plate – Clark Ellery (CANT), Plate – Richard Van Rynbach (AKL), Consolation – Rob Wyatt (BOP).

45+ Mens: Champion – Scott Gardiner (CANT), RUP – William Bicknell (WLG), Special Plate – Chris Jarrett (CANT), Plate – Julian Conder (AKL), Consolation – Bruce Smith (NTH).

40+ Mens: Champion – Dave Gardiner (OTG), RUP – Craig Stratford (AKL), Special Plate – Stephen O’Toole (WAIK), Plate – Mark Fairweather (OTG), Consolation – Eugene Venter (NTH).

35+ Mens: Champion – Sam Atkins (WLG), RUP – Shaun Madden (OTG), Plate – Neil Ross (AKL), Consolation – Evan Erstich (BOP).

70+ Womens: Champion – Bev Bosenburg (EAST).

65+ Womens: Champion – Diana Bennett (AKL).

60+ Womens: Champion – Freda Walker (CANT), RUP – Janice Trevathan (CENT)

55+ Womens: Champion – Karen Walton (CANT), RUP – Liz Hamilton (WAIK), Special Plate – Chris Castle (CANT), RR – Vicki Herdman (BOP), RR RUP – Karen Mitchell (OTG).

50+ Womens: Champion – Vicki Beker (BOP), RUP – Kathryn McKay (BOP), Special Plate – Annette Hahipene (BOP), Plate – Di Tasker (CENT), Consolation – Linda Matson (NTH).

45+ Womens: Champion – Mandy Kennedy (AKL), RUP – Juli Voykovic (AKL), Special Plate – Carole Berry (WAIK), Plate – Tracey Clark (OTG), Consolation – Lyndal Askin (OTG).

40+ Womens: Champion – Lassie Cull (WAIK), RUP – Erin Ellery (CANT), Plate – Sue Kim (AKL), Consolation – Michelle Heron (AKL), RR Winner: Ange Button (OTG), RR RUP: Sally Stantiall (CENT).

35+ Womens: Champion – Shelley Kitchen (AKL), RUP – Jo Shanks (AKL), Special Plate – Debs Dunbar (WAIK), Plate – Amy Porter (BOP), Consolation – Paula Hamer (WAIK).

Womens 3: Winner – Lara Peevers (OTG), RUP – Bev Bosenberg (EAST), Special Plate – Holly Yang (OTG), Plate – Kate Burton (OTG), Consolation – Janine Lough (OTG).

Womens 2: Winner – Sharon McDonald (NTH), RUP – Kylie Murdoch (OTG), Special Plate – Janeen Grant (OTG), Plate – Diana Bennett (AKL), Consolation – Pam Soper (OTG).

Womens 1: Winner – Cindy Hassan (NTH), RUP – Julie Geange (NTH), Special Plate – Toni Ellis (STH), Plate – Nic Monteith (OTG), Consolation – Marcelle Moore (OTG).

Mens 5: Winner – Mark Wehi (STH), RUP – Ian Rout (STH), Special Plate – Edgar Black (OTG), Plate – Tony Loughlin (BOP), Consolation – Tim Woods (OTG).

Mens 4: Winner – Iaveta Arthur (CENT), RUP – Roger Glendenning (OTG), Plate – Ali Kirk (OTG), Consolation – Rob Mulder (OTG).

Mens 3: Winner – Mark Harkess (OTG), RUP – Rodney Jordan (OTG), Special Plate – Aidan Summerfield (OTG), Plate – Warren Hall (WLG), Consolation – Darren Bain (OTG).

Mens 2: Winner – Dave Prior (OTG), RUP – Howie Edwards (STH), Special Plate – Donald Denniston (OTG), Plate – Kelvin Trainor (OTG), Consolation – Garry Crane (OTG).

Mens 1: Winner – Craig Cox (STH), RUP – Brent Taucher (OTG), Special Plate – Paul Tapsell (OTG), Plate – Rex Miller (OTG), Consolation – John Enlow (OTG).


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