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Why your members are your best promotional tool

Members Promotional Tool

Our relentless challenge is attracting new members, maintaining their interest and keeping them engaged. Learn how you can use your members to help your club with this.

Social sharing - most will have heard of it and will probably have taken part in it. Today with social media nearly everyone shares something about themselves online. What they ate, where they have been, who they are with, what they like and do not like.

But as a squash club, why do you need to be aware about this?

The most trusted source of information comes from people we know. Research has shown that over 80% of people will trust the recommendations of people they know and would act upon them.

The second most trusted source is websites – such as your club’s official online presence (website, social media) – with around 70% reporting they would trust this source.

What might surprise you is the equally impressive proportion of people who said they would trust and act upon the recommendations of those they don’t know, around 60% - coming in as the third most trusted source.

So what should your club do?

  • Ask for feedback – you need to talk to your members and find out what they want. Both positive and negative feedback is incredibly valuable to your club.
  • Analyse the feedback – you need to promote the positive findings on social media and should always follow up with the individual who provided it.
  • Allow members to spread the word – enable your loyal members to share their love of your club on social media.
  • Do the same via your own channels – share the love on your own social media channels.

More information:

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  • For advice to improve your website click here

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