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The secret to successful core training

Core Exercises

Integrated exercises are proven to deliver the fastest, most effective workout for your core. Find out how you can use these to strengthen your core... and squash game.

As a squash player having strong core muscles is a must. Each time you go after a ball, you twist the side of the body and it's the core muscles that help execute this movement pattern. If you aren't strong in your core, you're going to quickly find yourself missing serves, suffering from back pain, losing balance and simply not feeling as quick out on the court as you could be.

For most people, core training commonly consists of lying on our back and doing isolated crunches on a mat on the floor. However, research shows that doing integrated exercises such as hovers and planks activates more muscles – even more so when you add in a hand reach. The same also applies to mountain climbers and side hovers. If you want to target the lower back muscles, 4-point arm and leg lifts are the way to go. These types of exercises use all the muscles in the trunk and deliver a functional benefit by training the muscles we use them day to day.

This is what the muscles of the core are actually designed to do and these integrated exercises stress them in a way which help us improve our squash game.

If you really want to improve your squash and take it to the next level, give SquashFit a go.

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