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Investing in our own futures

Invest in Futures

We don’t pay for squash. We pay for the opportunities that squash provides us to be better people.

  • We pay for those moments when we are so tired we want to quit but don’t.
  • We pay to learn to be disciplined, focused and dedicated.
  • We pay to learn to take care of our bodies and equipment.
  • We pay to learn to work with others and be good team mates.
  • We pay to learn how to be gracious in defeat and humble in success.
  • We pay to learn to deal with disappointment – when we don’t get the result we were after but we still go back and give it our best shot.
  • We pay to make and accomplish our squash and fitness goals.
  • We pay to respect not only ourselves, but other players, coaches and officials.
  • We pay to learn that it takes years of work and practice to succeed.
  • We pay to be proud of our small achievements en route towards our long-term goals.
  • We pay for the opportunity to make life-long friendships and create life-long memories.
  • We pay to be on court rather than in front of a screen.

Why do you play squash? Share your LOVE squash story here.

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