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Squash Holiday Tips

Squash Holiday Tips

Want a fun and enjoyable holiday but don’t like the idea of getting off the squash wagon? Follow these tips and you’ll be set for success.

Stay active

It is okay to give your regular squash routine a rest over the holiday break but make a point of moving in other ways – walking, biking and swimming. By doing something different you are more likely to feel fresh and revitalised when you get back into the regular swing of things.


You are allowed to have your treats and indulge in the odd sweet treat. After all, you want to enjoy your holiday break and relax a little.


Make time to hang out with your family, friends and by yourself. Use your time off so that you can recharge your body and mind.

Plan ahead

Set goals for the year and schedule in when you will first hit the courts again. Whatever you do, make your goals realistic and achievable.

Looking to hit the courts over summer?

Take a look at some ways you can do this here.

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