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Participation Growth

To start at the most basic level we can provide motivating and entertaining playing environments. We know that some places are simply enjoyable places to be and it feels great to play there. Facilities like this often get a reputation as being somewhere special and attract lots of players. However, even the most outstanding facilities will not satisfy most people’s need for quality squash experiences on their own.

Some of the other things that are known to work include building clubs within your club, having good electronic newsletters, creating bonds via social media groups, offering casual play options, providing a welcoming process and giving coaching. All of these keep people coming back because we’re social creatures and we love to spend time with other people. But there is one thing above all others that works best and that is group activities. We know this is true because we measure it every year and those with growing participation figures have growing memberships.

However, it is people delivering programmes that are the key to participation growth. This is why having capable people to manage and make the most of our clubs is necessary. Developing people to enable squash to happen is what it’s all about. Teachers, parents, coaches and club administrators are all enablers of squash throughout the country. They deliver quality experiences that develop our athletes and provide environments that inspire participation.

The proven club performance solutions are there to ensure you are at the top of your game so your club can reap the rewards:

  • Top programming – offer activities your members will love. Find out more
  • Coach training – receive ongoing development and support. Find out more
  • Brand power and education – use marketing that attracts and retains. Find out more
  • Smart resources and equipment – maximise the playing experience. Find out more
  • The latest research – start transforming today. Find out more
  • Education materials – see the success stories. Find out more

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