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Why your club should aim to grow its membership

Benefit More Members

No matter how successful you think your club is, there's always room for growth. For this reason we've listed some of the benefits for why your club should always be on the lookout to attract and retain more people in the game:

  • Increase the size of the national squash family and have more people to play against.
  • Create a more vibrant local, regional and national competition structure.
  • Develop a larger database that presents more opportunities for fostering commercial relationships for the benefit of the sport.
  • Improved financial health for your club to put back into growing the sport and improving your facility further.
  • Foster a healthier community from sharing the love of the game and helping people play it.
  • Strengthen your club's brand and ensure future generations can experience the game as well.
  • Gain a better media profile from having enhanced engagement within your community.

If your club is ready to get more members, the starting point is to take a look at the proven ways to grow participation in your club. Do these things well and we promise that more people will find you and want to be part of your club.

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