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Activity Reporting Year 2: The Facts

Activity Reporting Year 2

Accurate participation data is vital for our sport to learn and grow. The Activity Reporting tool was initiated in 2015 to help us understand people’s participation habits (view the results here). This allows us to measure, manage and multiply so we can create future growth.

Why group programmes?

We know that the sense of community we get from taking part in group activities is incredibly valuable. Being around others creates a camaraderie between people which creates more accountability. This means we are likely to encourage each other to come back, which creates a greater social buzz and a much more enjoyable place to be.

2016 Information

Affiliated clubs are asked to record details of programme participation activity throughout the year. During 2016 a total of 143 clubs entered information. This has been grouped into programme categories that reflect the different playing communities on the New Zealand squash athlete pathway.

Our findings - highlights:

  • Junior programmes (including schools), business house leagues, club nights and interclub competitions continue to account for more than 85% of all participation.
  • More people tried squash over the past 12 months – the social element of the game continues to be the main motivating factor in getting people to try it and play it.
  • There was an increase in young people playing squash in the club environment compared the school setting.
  • Extra opportunities were made available for youth, beginner adult and female players to get into the game – all areas we can continue to grow.

Participation breakdown

For regional insights into participation trends click here

Our opportunities:

  • Measure – as the Activity Reporting tool is still in its infancy we must all continue to regularly input data on programmes delivered so that we can continue to understand what people want and choose to do on the squash courts.
  • Manage – by continuing to monitor and report programme data, we will have a greater understanding of squash participation trends and can use this to give people more of what they want.
  • Multiply – through well scheduled and appropriate programmes, we can get more people playing squash more often and grow long-term successful clubs.

For more information about scheduling programmes click here

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