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Ways to get into squash

Ways to get into squash

There are a number of ways to start your squash journey and for most people it usually starts with a family or friend introduction.

Club courts are generally the first step in the process. Being easily accessible makes them the obvious choice for many to ‘Try it’. A number of clubs provide open days and have beginner programmes which are perfect for introducing the fundamentals and rules of the game. There are also business house leagues, various events and fun social activities to take advantage of too – for those who want to jump in the deep end.

Starting your squash journey is a good one. Cost wise, you don’t need to spend lots to start. You can borrow a racket or there are plenty of places that sell second hand or used ones at very reasonable prices. These will last you until you start to play more consistently and more competitively.

Squash club memberships are affordable to start with and if you visit our Clubs page, you’ll see what each club has to offer you.

No matter when you begin, you’ll be hooked once you start. Squash is a great game and also the game for life. Happy hitting.

To learn more about the different ways you can play squash click here

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