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Creating Squash Magic

Squash Magic

You were swept away on a journey, weren't you? The hairs on the back of your neck stood up. Your heart beat a little quicker. You sighed. You laughed out loud. You were utterly compelled by the moment. This is magic and we can create it on the squash courts.

While many people choose to play squash for the many physical, social and intellectual benefits, its the unique buzz of a particular club that keeps us coming back for more. The secret is to identify exactly what the unique elements are that people love so much and learn how to make sure that they're maximized.

Thinking about the reasons you love squash will help you find the passion and the energy to create powerful experiences for other people. Its part of giving them what they pay their money for and will bring some magic into their lives. Those who constantly create magical experiences have a passion or unswerving belief in what they do. They express an infectious love of the game. Love what you do and show it!

Remember, the key to creating magic is ensuring it is participant-focused – it's about THEM, not YOU.

Learn more about how you can help more people 'Try it. Play it. Love it.' here

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