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Why you should become a squash club member

Squash Club Member

Although you can play squash recreationally in a number of other facilities, the biggest benefits are derived by those who become committed club members. Some people choose not to join up to a club and instead play casually, whilst there is around 18,000 people around New Zealand who are currently signed up.

Here’s why:

  • Develop life-long friendships
  • Enjoy the social camaraderie
  • The opportunity to play in competitions or just socially
  • Ability to arrange matches at certain times
  • A meeting place for family and friends
  • Achieving a sense of belonging and the opportunity to contribute to the club and community
  • Contributing to a healthier New Zealand society

Joining a squash club gives you the opportunity to obtain an official grade that enables you to play at tournaments or in that social outing you've been meaning to get involved in. One of the biggest features of a squash club membership is your ability to come and go as you please. While work, study and other engagements can prevent you having the time to play a marathon match at the end of your day, there's nothing stopping you dropping in for a quick 30-minute workout on your way home.

Then there's the club itself. Courts are available for those keen to improve their grade. There's no easier place to meet new people than the warm environment inside the facility with a familiar atmosphere, recognisable faces and cheaper food and beverages than elsewhere.

It's fair to say the benefits outweigh the costs. Looking for a club? Click here

Frequently asked questions

What is the process of joining a club?

Normally the process to join a club involves completing a membership application form. Once the application form is completed, it is taken to the Club Committee for approval.

Can I join a club if I don’t know any members?

Most clubs provide opportunities for new members to be introduced to other members with a welcoming process - which includes a beginners programme and getting the names and numbers of Squash Buddies.

What costs are involved?

Clubs provide a range of subscription options, which varies according to club. There are also some other additional charges which may include programme and competition fees.

Are there payment options?

Most clubs provide flexible options to pay membership fees.

How often can I play?

Members enjoy playing rights according to their category of membership.

Are there different club membership options available?

Clubs offer various types of membership which can include: junior, social, senior and family categories.

What are the normal competition days?

Clubs offer competition times for males and females on weekends and week days.

Can members bring guests?

Clubs provide numerous opportunities for members to bring guests at certain times to play the course and attend social events.

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