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Court Booking Pay2Play Squash

We understand that clubs want a healthy and active membership base who are engaging with the club and using its facilities.

Step 1:

Most people are already internet users and will immediately enjoy the convenience of being able reserve a squash court online. Once configured through Squash New Zealand, a member of your club can simply login to iSquash and be able to see the court availability at times selected by the club, from anywhere with internet access. Or if you prefer you can install a small kiosk inside the club’s facility and allow your members to view from there.

Step 2:

The next step is adding on the Access system which allows your club to synchronise door security control and court lights with online bookings.

Step 3:

If you want to take another step and help casual players and the general public also access your facility, you can add-on the Pay2Play feature. This allows your club to take online payments which guarantees additional income.

Best of all, the iSquash Online Booking, Access and Pay2Play systems are all fully integrated with iSquash which means there is less administration to do and saves your club volunteers time. This allows your members to play more often – which is why we’re are there in the first place!

Installing these features in your club will also result in better use of the facilities, better court control during peak and off-peak times and less frustrated members and casual users. The software is continually updated as well, so it is always up with the play.

For more information about iSquash Online Booking, Access or Pay2Play click here

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