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What it means to be a coach

Role Coach

Said another way, you are responsible for creating an environment that promotes positive change for your athletes. Change can come in many forms – big and small. Getting a result, improving technique, caring for health, feeling great, escaping everyday life or simply enjoying movement and the love of the game with others. Your job is to make sure this happens every time you coach, every place you coach, wherever you are in the country.

You may not think so but we are all squash coaches - some of us take on more roles, more frequently, than others.

Never been on court? Just started coaching?

Be brave. You are beginning an exhilarating journey and you will be supported every step of the way. Like anything new, learning to coach can be difficult at first. With focus and practice, it becomes easier over time. Find the best way you learn – usually it’s a mix of see, hear, read / write, do.

Been coaching a while? Months? Years? Decades!

Become a beginner again. Take a risk and step outside your comfort zone. Explore new ways to become better.

Coaches help more people play more often and with greater success. Alone we may be weak but together we're strong. Join over 1,400 in the New Zealand Squash Coaches Network here

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