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Aon New Zealand Junior Open 2017 Finalists Determined

The semi-finals of the Aon New Zealand Junior Open have seem some tough battles and tomorrow will see two new champions crowned with Kaitlyn Watts and Anna Hughes doing battle for the Girls Open title and Finn Trimble and Gabe Yam doing battle for the Boys Open title.

The first Girls Open semi-final was between Anika Jackson (3/4 seed) and Anna Hughes (2 seed). Hughes played some powerful shots and placed them well on the court in the first game to take the win 11/8. Jackson responded well in the second and turned the pressure back on Hughes and took the win from her 11/7. Hughes managed to take back control in the third and fourth and claimed the games 11/6 then 11/5 and secured her place in the final. The second Girls Open semi-final saw Kaitlyn Watts (1 seed) and Ellie Jones (5/8 seed) fighting for the second place in the final. Watts showed good strength and power in the first playing tight balls which Jones was not able to claim and she took the game 11/3. The next game saw Jones fight hard but it was not enough with Watts showing good grit and determination and claiming the second game 11/7. The last games saw Watts claim her place in the final for the second time in a row and she took the last game 11/4 and the match in 3.

The first of the Boys Open semi-finals saw Quinn Udy (3/4 seed) take on Gabe Yam (2 seed). Yam showed some great placement and work in the first game to take the game comfortably from Udy 11/2. Udy dug deep in the second and was able to claw the second game back and level the game score winning the second game 11/7. Udy wasn’t able to match the pace in the third and fourth and Yam took the games 11/2 and 11/4 securing his place in the final with a win in 4. The second Boys Open semi-final saw Finn Trimble (3/4 seed) and Matthew Lucente (1 seed) fighting for the second place in the final. Lucente and Trimble both threw everything on the line and it was Lucente that managed to clinch the first game 11/8. Both players came out firing in the second and went point for point, but this time in a long game it was Trimble who levelled the game score claiming the second game 12/10. The third game saw much the same as the second and it was the same in terms of score line with Trimble claiming the game 12/10 and going to a 2-1 lead in games. Trimble was able to match it with Lucente and snuck ahead never looking back and he claimed the game 11/8 and secured his place in the final. Trimble will be looking to put his name alongside his brother Max Trimbles name when he competes in the final tomorrow.

The finals start at 2pm onwards. Keep checking back to iSquash here for full game scores of all divisions.

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Boys Open Semi Finals

(3/4) Finn Trimble bt (1) Matthew Lucente – 8/11, 12/10, 12/10, 11/8
(2) Gabe Yam bt (3/4) Mr Quinn R. Udy – 11/2, 7/11, 11/2, 11/4


Girls Open Semi Finals

(1) Kaitlyn Watts bt (5/8) Ellie Jones - 11/8, 7/11, 11/6, 11/5
(2) Ms Anna Hughes bt (3/4) Anika Jackson - 11/3, 11/7, 11/4


Boys Open Final

(3/4) Finn Trimble vs (2) Gabe Yam


Girls Open Final

(1) Kaitlyn Watts vs (2) Ms Anna Hughes

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