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New Coach Development Modules Available

New Coach Development Modules Available

To help get the best out of yourself and your players, Squash New Zealand’s Coach Development Framework currently offers 26 (of a possible 37) high-quality ongoing learning opportunities for coaches to upskill in areas that are important to them. This flexible approach allows you to self-determine your own development that corresponds with the players you are coaching and their specific developmental needs.

What’s new?

Updated ‘How to Coach’ Extension Module

Extension Module 2: How to Coach has also been refreshed with new content added. Knowing how to coach is equally important as the squash-specific aspects that we tend to focus on. After all, it does not matter how much you know if you can’t pass that on to anyone else.

Effective coaching these days is a far cry from the dictatorial style practised by many coaches in the past. We are currently in an era of leading mostly Gen Y people and they don’t respond well to an autocratic style. They respond best to support, rationality, and a leader who will empower them to be great. After all, a wise leader leads from the bottom, not the top.

How to Coach forms the backbone of our Coach Development Framework and is embedded in all coaching programmes. This extension module looks at a variety of different styles, techniques and inclusive principles that will ensure coaching is effective and appropriate for the needs of all players.

Those who have already done the How to Coach Module will still be recognised as having attended the course. You are welcome to come along to the updated edition if you want a refresher or to learn some of the new material.

Join the CoachForce network

All modules rely on and are facilitated by trained regional CoachForce Facilitators, who play a key role in helping coaches develop their athletes. These passionate people facilitate the collaborative and informative workshops from the Framework that inspire you to become great squash coaches and leaders. Squash New Zealand is always looking for interested coaches to join the CoachForce network and help coaches grow as Facilitators. You will receive advanced training and a special toolkit to help you perform the role.

If you have a strong desire to join the movement and coach the coaches click here

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