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How to run effective meetings


Getting the best out of your club's meetings requires skill, experience and time.


Before any meeting you should always decide on the agenda items. This is usually done by the Chairperson and Secretary. Once this is done the following should be circulated prior to the meeting:

  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Any inward or outward correspondence
  • Committee reports
  • Major strategic topics for discussion

During the meeting

Meetings should be conducted in the order of business according to the agenda:

  • The Chairperson welcomes all those who are present and thanks all in attendance.
  • Apologies are called for and read out. The Chairperson puts a motion that apologies be accepted.
  • Minutes from the previous meeting are confirmed by those present. This needs to be nominated and seconded.
  • Matters arising from the previous meeting are briefly discussed.
  • The club’s financial statements are compared to the budget and the financial position is indicated. This needs to be nominated and seconded.
  • Committee report recommendations and urgent matters are discussed.
  • General business items are raised. These should have been submitted prior to the meeting.
  • The Chairperson confirms and delegates action items, including time frames, to leave the meeting to attend to.
  • The date, time and venue is given for the next meeting.
  • The Chairperson closes the meeting and thanks all in attendance.

Post meeting

The Chairperson and Secretary circulate minutes from meeting and follow-up on agreed action points.


Talking at Meetings

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