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How to keep new members keen

New Members Keen

Helping new people to stay is a challenge for many clubs. Findings show that a gradual and staged acclimatisation programme for those who are new to squash is the key to overcoming early drop-out rates. The secret to looking after new members is to keep their confidence high:

  • Frequency before intensity. It’s important to just get people into the habit of playing.
  • Allow them to manage both the duration and intensity of their participation. Trying anything new can be intimidating and the key to success is to start slow.
  • Celebrate the immediate wins - increased energy levels, feeling more positive, or the endorphin high you get straight after a match.

Combining these three tips with the SquashStart coaching resources and accompanying modules will help increase people’s confidence and help them reach a stage where squash is a permanent feature in their lives. Instil confidence, give people control and celebrate every small step of their journey towards loving squash. Find out more

For more on new member management click here.

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