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How to make your club stand out

Club Stand Out

Like your squash game, you need to work at improving your club. Study your demographics, look at your current offerings and take a more scientific approach through researching trends and listening to your customers.

Learn more about the Membership Growth and Retention model click here.

Find your audience

Play to your strengths. Local area demographics can identify market demographics suited to the style of club you want to run.

Discover how you can do this here.

Drive appeal with effective programmes

Focus on providing people with what they want. Offer ways to play that meets their needs and you will attract people who come more often, remain loyal longer, bring more friends and talk to people about their squash experiences in a positive way.

Find out what you can offer here.

Ensure you upskill your people

Great coaches are also essential for attracting and retaining participants over time. People love intelligent coaching on the what, why and how of playing the game. If you have coaches who want to know more, consider helping them do this.

Learn how you can give your people the knowledge and tools to do this here.

Upgrade your facility

Effective lighting, décor and graphics can all create a warm, social and stimulating space. Do it well, and you can create an environment so engaging that it takes people away from their daily lives to that ‘third place’ - a place that they look forward to visiting every day.

Find out what options exist here.

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