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Learning from fitness

Participation in organised sport is declining whereas participation in structured exercise has been consistently growing for the last 15 years. One reason why is that fitness clubs are highly effective at selling ‘starter memberships’ (i.e. a 30-day free trial) which attract new people. Once these people are inside a big focus is then on converting these starters into committed members.

Improve access

Fitness club users can often access the facility at any time during opening hours which means that the membership works around suitable times for them. This type of flexibility is one of the reasons why fitness gyms are growing – especially 24 hour access gyms. Just turn up with your swipe card and work out when you like.

Imagine only being able to enter the squash courts at certain times every day. Every restriction you place on your users’ ability to access your facility pushes them one step further away from joining and staying at your club. How much control do your members have over when they can play or access your facility? Did you know this type of access is something that squash clubs can also replicate? For information on how you can add iSquash Online Booking, Access and Pay2Play systems click here.

Keep members paying

Rather than sending a lump sum invoice to their members requesting the following year’s payment, fitness gyms have their membership subscriptions roll over by direct debit payment on a continual basis. This means the member doesn’t have any opportunity to weigh up the value of their membership and make a decision. It also means that the member is forced to take action to stop being a member, rather than to take action to be a member. Learn more about membership pricing here or casual payment options here.

Top tips

  • Get to know your members and your prospects – your volunteers need to know what people are looking for when they contact your club. Find out more
  • Collect their information – you need to be able to communicate with everyone involved in your club so they know what is available to them.
  • Set targets – having a number of people that you are trying to get in the door is a useful way to motivate and evaluate how well your marketing is.
  • Provide quality service – give your members and prospects an unforgettable experience so they will want to come back for more (and bring their friends).
  • Reward your people – offer your existing members and volunteers a reason to bring in new people. Make sure the reward is something they want so they are motivated to earn it!

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