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World Doubles Champions Make NZ Doubles Appearance

Current World Doubles Champions Joelle King and Amanda Landers-Murphy will be set to make a strong appearance at the New Zealand Doubles being held at the Devoy Squash and Fitness Centre in Tauranga this weekend.

King and Landers-Murphy take the top spot in the Women’s Open and should all go to seeding are due to face Kylie Lindsay and Jaclyn Hawkes in the final. Hawkes previously competed with King at the 2010 Commonwealth Games where they won gold in the Women’s Doubles so it is sure to be some great rivalry between the two pairings.

King and Landers-Murphy will also compete in the Men’s Open for further training experience. The players are set to face Kashif Shuja and Victor Romero in the final round of play, Shuja and Romero will have to edge their way past Darryl Russell and Paul Bedford in the Semi-Finals should all go to seeding, whilst King and Landers-Murphy are set to face Phil Buscke-Somervell and Marcus Niles on the other side of the draw.

In the Mixed Open Shuja will pair with Kaitlyn Watts and will be looking to take the honors, but should seedings hold true they will face Joelle King and Ryan Shutte in the final. King and Shutte are set to face Landers-Murphy and Michael Dunston in their semi-final whilst Shuja and Watts are seeded to face Phil Buscke-Somervell and Casey Owen in their semi-final if seedings hold true.

There are bound to be a number of tough matchups throughout the weekend and we wish all players the best of luck. Full draws can be found on the Devoy Squash and Fitness website.

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