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Giving your members enjoyable experiences that delivers excitement and social interaction is our challenge. So how do we know if we are meeting our members’ needs?

It’s easy. The answer is participation - more satisfied members will play squash more often. If this is the case at your club, then you are doing something right!

Research shows that regular squash players are more likely to renew their memberships each year, bring their friends and promote our clubs more often than those who don’t. Improving participation growth and membership acquisition and retention is crucial to club success and longevity. Clubs flourish when their people’s motivations are being met as they will have a fantastic time playing squash.

The proven club performance solutions are there to ensure you are at the top of your game so your club can reap the rewards:

  • Top programming – offer activities your members will love. Find out more
  • Brand power and education – use marketing that attracts and retains. Find out more
  • Education materials – see the success stories. Find out more
  • Coach training – receive ongoing development and support. Find out more
  • Smart resources and equipment – maximise the playing experience. Find out more
  • The latest research – start transforming today. Find out more

It’s time to stop standing still and start moving.

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