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Competitive squash in New Zealand is underpinned by the grading list which gives a grade to every squash player in New Zealand and monitors their progress relative to other players. Every time a competitive match of squash is played in New Zealand, the winner receives grading points, while the loser loses grading points. As players win matches and accumulate points they can rise to a higher grade.

Click here for more information on the grades and the points system: Grading Bands and Adjustments.

The grading list includes a useful online system enabling players to track their grading points - and the points of their rivals! We call this system 'iSquash'. But beware, squash can become very addictive!

Note: you will need to belong to a club to register for iSquash.

To register, please contact your club administrator (or follow the link to the iSquash homepage for full details of how to register).

Combined Grading List

The Combined Grading List was implemented in January 2014. The main changes / features included:

  • Women have been shifted to the Combined Grading List which enables all players on the Grading List to play against any each player for points. Note: Women will still have their results from the last 365 days show up on their grading page as a record.
  • The F Grade is now ‘adults only’; whilst the J Grades have been reduced from five to four and are for ‘juniors only’.  Instead of progressing from J1 to F grade, juniors will now go straight from J1 to E2.
  • B2 now starts at 2701 points, instead of 2801 points.
  • Automatic points loss for inactivity.
  • Users can now access the Grading List without logging in - making it easier for friends, family and the media to follow.

You may not be able to access all features of iSquash if you are using old, unsupported versions of internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 8). We recommend downloading the free upgrade for your browser software.

For more information, please see this recent news article, or read these guidelines for players and clubs:

Manual Adjustments Policy

Under certain circumstances manual adjustments may be made to change players' grading points. For information on how this can occur, please see the Manual Adjustments Policy Information Sheet (PDF)

Recent Grading List Developments

In January 2014 automatic points loss for inactivity was introduced.  The aim of this was to incentivise match-play and activity among all players, and to ensure the accuracy and currency of the grading list.

Under this system, players lose 50 points if they are inactive for 12 months.  They lose a further 10 points for each additional month of inactivity.

More information about this can be found here:  Automatic points deduction Info Sheet.


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